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in Province, surnamed Piao, told the Global Times that the proposed rule may not have a big impact on▓ people of Han descent, but it would definitely be bad news for Korean minorities because eating dogs is▓ part of their dining culture.The neighboring Koreas have t▓he same culinary culture. In March 2009, the South Korea-based Korea Times reported that some 9,000 tons of ▓dog are served at about 6,500 restaurants across

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National Native Produce & Animal By-products Import & Export Cor▓p told the Global Times that her company welcomes the rules, even if it is engaged in animal product-related business▓."It's everyone's responsibility to treat animals well and use them in the most humane way 鈥?because we hum▓an beings take too much from them but never learn to repay them," she said.Some lawyers also questioned▓ the draft's fea

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ngwei Law Firm, said there is a▓ very low possibility that the draft will become law.▓"A law has to take the interests of the mass public into consideration," he said, adding that the draft fails to consider the people who eat dog and cat meat as a folk custom.Chang's team unveiled a law draft last ▓year to stress the importance of animal welfare, referring to their right to life, a sound living environment, and good

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icism centering on arguments of the l▓ack of people's welfare, Chang's team decided to focus their drafts on the "anti-cruelty" of animals.He a▓lso conceded that the draft will respect some local culture▓s such as the Koreans' eating habits, and may exclude t▓hem from the ban.However, this exclusion may give rise to new questions, such as who should have the privilege▓ to be exempt, analysts said.BEIJING, Jan. 27 -- Fine

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thos▓e found guilty. A proposed draft of China's first law on animal welfare prohibits the consumption of dog and ca▓t meat, with a fine of up to 5,000 yuan ($730) and up to 15 days' detention for the guilty. Organizations or▓ units found guilty of selling the meat can be fined anywhere between 10,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan, according to the proposed draft law that is being drawn up by a panel of legal experts, the Beij

ing-based Mirror Evening News reported. "There are still many difficulties ▓to overcome bef

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  • the live▓s of many poor people now is much more important and urgent," argued Du Quanbin, from Be ijing.The mana
  • ger ▓of Caiji Dog Meat Restaurant in Guangzhou was defiant ▓in telling the Global Times that "the proposed law i
  • s total▓ly unfeasible here, because eating dogs and cats has ▓been part of the Guangdong culture f or so long.""I
  • don▓'t believe the draft could be passed, nor would I chan▓ge the way we operate our restaurant," he said.And 
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